Written January 23, 2017 by Crissy Pagulayan

It may seem like we specialize in great creative and marketing strategies that set our clients up for success-which we most definitely do! And our creatives deserve most of the credit for coming up with great ideas and executing those ideas seamlessly. But, we can’t get to that point in the process without setting up and creating great client relationships. Think of it like building a house…the creative team comes up with the plan and determines what color the house should be painted. But the house can’t quite be built without the foundation of a strong relationship.

Below are 5 habits from our client services team to create and keep strong relationships with our clients:

  1. We get to know our client’s business and industry. This one seems like it should be expected, right? It definitely should be! We can’t get too far in a project without knowing the ins and outs of our client’s business and industry they are in. But we try to dig a little deeper than what may be expected to find out some details about our client’s work that maybe they don’t even know.
  2. We get to know who they are as individuals. Remember, at the end of the day, we all have our personal interests, whether it’s taking our children to after school activities, going to the gym, working in our yards, learning how to cook elaborate meals, etc. We have always found that our best client relationships are the ones where we are more than a client / agency partnership. It’s so much more enjoyable and successful when we know who our clients are, what is important to them and what they value at the end of the day. So we like to take some time and ask them what they did for fun over the weekend, learn the names of their children or dogs, or maybe even surprise them with their favorite coffee.
  3. We are transparent in our communications. We like to have clear, open, and honest communications with each other. We make sure to ask questions and provide answers. If issues arise such as needing more time or needing more budget, we make sure to over communicate as soon as we are aware so there are no surprises or emergencies. Being open in our communications can make stressful situations a little bit easier to get through, and it builds trust and expectation within the relationship.
  4. We try to be more than an email. We all get busy in our day to day activities. And some days are much more packed than others. But we take the time to communicate and interact with our clients more than just through email. We like to connect via phone calls, schedule face-to-face meetings, or even just stop by if we are in their area. We have found that some clients don’t like to be unexpectedly interrupted so we take the time to learn their boundaries in regards to communication styles.
  5. We treat every client as our most important client. Each of our client’s businesses or jobs is extremely important to them – whether they are marketing executives at a Fortune 500 company or entrepreneurs at a business startup. And our work is extremely important to us. So providing the best work we possibly can will result in happy clients who will provide more work and/or referrals to other clients.

At the end of the day, there is so much more than “5” habits we have to create strong client relationships. There really is so much in the process from courting them as clients to providing them brilliant creative work. Each piece of the puzzle is important to make our clients happy. But we tend to forget our client services team is with our clients each step of the process, being mindful of creating a long-term relationship.