Seeking Talented Creatives

We are a scrappy South Sound agency, paying competitively with great benefits, in a fun and inspirational working environment that will keep you constantly engaged and challenged. Do you think you have what it takes to join our talented team? If so, here’s what we are looking for:

Marketing Manager

We are looking for a second Marketing Guru to round out our growing team. You must be a strategic thinker with solid know-how of modern marketing methodologies to help our clients increase their business by better promoting themselves. You will be a vital part of our marketing team, working closely with our Marketing Strategist in determining our clients’ needs and goals, conducting insightful research, building smart strategy, and helping our team execute the most effective campaigns and tactics possible.

Your responsibilities may include:

  • Asking our clients probing and productive questions to define their core needs and goals
  • Conducting audits of our clients’ brands, audiences, current marketing tactics, traffic analytics, as well as competition and industry trends to discover capitalizing opportunities
  • Developing and facilitating surveys, focus groups and interviews to gather insights and better understand audience perceptions of what our clients are selling
  • Develop smart, effective and relevant marketing strategies for inbound (key word, SEO, conversion paths, content calendars, etc.) to outbound (social media, direct mail, e-mail, guerilla, traditional, etc.)
  • Educating, listening to and accommodating our clients’ requests/concerns as they come up throughout the relationship
  • Participating in team brainstorming sessions and helping conceive creative campaigns to be executed by our creative team. Please note: while this is a creative thinking position, this is NOT a creative design position
  • Developing client stories, themes, headlines, taglines, body copy and content. You must be able to write, as well as procure and manage outsourced copywriting vendors
  • Analyzing data and refining marketing tactics on an ongoing basis. Reporting findings and guiding the team and clients to adjust tactics when necessary
  • Assisting in identifying, courting, writing proposals and pitching new business leads
  • Adhering to budgets and assigned hours as defined by Account Management team


  • Strong copy-writing skills. Ability to concept creative themes, headlines, taglines, etc. is a plus
  • Strong understanding in modern inbound/outbound marketing trends (social media, digital media, web-based SEO and analytic tools, tracking, PPC, etc.)
  • Knowledge of current pop culture trends is a plus
  • High organization skills
  • Strong presentation skills, ability to speak in front of an audience and think on your feet
  • Creativity, imagination and resourcefulness
  • Ability to self monitor time and record via company’s time tracking software
  • Strong work ethic, discipline, ambition and ongoing desire to never stop learning
  • Agency experience is not required but a major plus, as well as experience in manufacturing, transportation or industrial sectors

If you think you are the right fit for our team, please send your resume to No phone calls please. And definitely don’t just forward your Linked-In data page, lame-o. Let’s see a little hustle!


Skilled In Brand Strategy, Print, Digital, Advertising. We are also always on the lookout for a qualified can-do creative talent with a natural ability to interpret our clients’ visions and deliver dazzling visual solutions. The ideal candidate will have proficient knowledge of the protocols of branding, print, environmental, advertising web and digital media. A relentless enthusiasm, passion for design and positive attitude are essential.


  • Must have strong design skills, creative imagination, artistic ability and talent in the art of communicating
  • Must have solid understanding of how to design for digital media (web design, UX, e-marketing tactics, video production, etc. Know virtual reality? You’d be a real rock star!)
  • Video production or animation is a major plus, but not necessary
  • Must be able to collaborate in team environment and be receptive to instruction and critical feedback
  • Proactive, self motivated, not afraid to take initiative
  • Proficient knowledge in industry software
  • Excellent attention to detail.
  • Solid command of proper grammar, punctuation and spelling
  • Strong organizational skills, ability to self-monitor and record time via company’s time tracking software
  • Demonstrate confidence and poise; must not be afraid to stand up for and sell your ideas (sometimes to clients if necessary)

What you’ll be doing:

  • Take prepared brief and research and solve client problem creatively, effectively and efficiently
  • Generate concepts that meet or exceed Agency standards
  • Must think in larger brand-building campaign platforms across all media
  • Professionally execute concepts across a variety of media, including print, advertising, and digital platforms
  • Learn to operate efficiently within the Agency’s process of production and workflow
  • Be dedicated to ongoing learning and honing of knowledge and craftsmanship

If you believe you have the caliber of talent required to join our team we invite you to send your resume and portfolio to No phone calls please.


Skilled In Campaigns, Marketing, Content Strategy In addition to strong copywriting skills you must have a robust knowledge of branding and advertising, social media and new media marketing. You will also be relentlessly curious, imaginative, conceptual and driven to own our clients’ challenges, dreams, goals and pain points. You will be interacting directly with the Creative Team, participating in brainstorming conversations and critique sessions, developing everything from slogans to headlines, body copy, website content, blog posts, plus many more duties. Experience and a passion for marketing and creating brand loyalty is a must.


  • Help the creative team (led by Art Director) develop an excellent story that encapsulates the spirit and essence of each client’s brand and defines the purpose and strategy behind every project
  • Collaborate with creative team to produce effective work for a variety of clients across multiple media types including print, digital, outdoor, television, radio, and collateral, and others
  • Help the agency win new business through bold, innovative work, as well as effective presentations. Assist with proposal language and development
  • Translate concepts to compelling content in a variety of tactics, from website copy to social media posts, blogs, catalogs or sell sheet descriptions, just to name a few
  • Proofread all communications developed by the agency and ensure information accuracy
  • Maintain a positive attitude and continually contribute to a positive, productive and inspirational environment


  • Strong writing skills in both strategic and creative capacities- developing campaign messaging (headlines, taglines, copy, etc)
  • Must be able to manage several projects simultaneously under tight deadlines
  • Bachelor’s or higher degree in English or communications and agency experience is a plus, as well as experience in manufacturing, transportation or human resources industries
  • Understanding of latest communications trends (social media, digital media, SEO)
  • Must be solution-oriented and not afraid take initiative and push innovative ideas
  • High organizational skills
  • Ability to self monitor time and record via company’s time tracking software

If you believe you have the caliber of talent required to join our team we invite you to send your resume and portfolio to No phone calls please.

Secret To The Universe: PLEASE NOTE: E-mailed or physically mailed correspondence only. An automatically sent link from your Linked In profile displays a lack of initiative unworthy of our ideal candidate and will be immediately discarded. Unsolicited phone calls are not appreciated. Thank you!