RGC Goes Underground to Shine Light on Client’s Business

Written February 7, 2017 by Rusty George

We always go the extra distance for our clients – even if it means following them into the dark and damp spaces under a suburban Tacoma home.

For our client Crawl Space Cleaning Pros – the Northwest’s specialist in crawlspace and attic cleaning and insulation – we donned head-to-toe coveralls and breathing masks to film a Crawl Pros inspector in action. Lucky for us, most of the video was shot above ground and features Crawl Pros owner Richard Herron. Watch the Crawl Pros Philosophy Video here. (there will be a screenshot of the video to click on)

While crawlspaces are a pretty quiet place, when we dug into the research for Crawl Pros we discovered the cleaning and retrofitting field is actually a very crowded and noisy world. All of the reputable businesses say pretty much the same thing, which made our job of separating Crawl Pros from the pack a real challenge. We also learned there were a lot of smaller “two chucks and a truck” operations running around knocking on doors that only heightened consumer’s anxiety over choosing a reliable contractor.

Our big idea to break through the “me-too” clutter and gain the trust of would-be customers was a beautifully shot video that would take viewers along for the ride on a typical Crawl Pros residential job. By shining a light on Crawl Pro’s exceptional reputation and showing a happy family thrilled with the results, we knew we had the makings of an impactful story that would resonate on multiple levels with Crawl Pros prospects.

We couldn’t have chosen a better spokesman for the video than Crawl Pros owner Richard Herron. He was a natural – very personable, authentic, and above all passionate. All that comes through loud and clear in the video, especially when he talks about treating his customers and employees with the honesty and respect they deserve. And kudos to Richard, he agreed to appear on camera and record the narration unscripted. We showed up with a camera and a list of questions a home owner might ask, and he gave impromptu answers to them all – we had a feeling the results would be good, but the final edit far exceeded our expectations.

A special thanks to Matt McDaniel of Matty Photography who did a fantastic job partnering with us through the production and post production.

This isn’t all you’ll be seeing from our work with Crawl Pros – keep an eye out for the launch of their new print and online ad campaign coming soon.