The Intern Files: A sneak peek behind the doors of RGC

Written July 25, 2017 by Rebecca Blake

Ask any recent college grad their plans after graduation and you’ll likely get a response centered around finding a job as soon as possible. Though this may seem like the obvious reply, the fear of being unable to find a meaningful career post college is very real for most grads. The afterlife of college is a frightening place. After identifying as a student for 16 years, breaking into the unknown world of working professionals can be scary, even if you had an internship or job during school. We hope to find more than just “any old job,” and dream of something where we can learn, grow, and contribute in a field that we are passionate about. I was lucky enough to snatch up a marketing assistant position at RGC for the next few months, and have been soaking up all kinds of experience and information since I started.

Though Hollywood may have embellished a few details in everyone’s favorite advertising series Mad Men, working at a creative agency really is as much fun as it seems. The culture within RGC is fun, quirky, and unpredictable, with the understanding that producing high quality, effective work is our utmost priority. I was excited to discover jeans were in the acceptable realm of attire, and even more excited when I discovered sandals were as well. Being in historic downtown Tacoma surrounded by old clock towers and antique shops helps create a timeless atmosphere, and to top it all off, the nearest doughnut shop is just one mid-morning walk of shame away.

My first day was filled with introductions, paperwork, and getting into the swing of things. The half-hour we took after lunch to collectively listen to a reading of Curious George (courtesy of a librarian friend of the shop), was by far the highlight of my first week, and was a fun way for everyone to welcome me to the team.  As I get used to juggling the increasing workload and helping out wherever I can, I find myself settling into a routine and learning an insane amount about the real world of branding and advertising. Needless to say, the group of brilliantly talented people here are ten in a million, and I feel so lucky to have landed the opportunity to learn and develop my skills at RGC. More to come!