A great website content strategy starts with great website content.

Written November 2, 2016 by Jeromy Condon

Content strategy is one of those buzz phrases that gets tossed around on the internet a lot these days.  It’s a very important part of any internet marketing strategy, and something that should be considered at the beginning of any creative effort.  But just what is content strategy and how does it fit into a successful marketing campaign?

What is high quality content?

Let’s first identify what quality content consists of.  Quality content is is what you have to offer consumers about your product.  It consists of beautiful, compelling imagery.  It is the informational text your consumers will read when learning more about your product.  It is the video that your consumer finds so useful that they would want to share it with their friends.  It is your first impression with someone who would like to know more about you and what you offer, and according to much research, you only have mere seconds to make that impression with it.  Prior to any marketing effort you should be sure that the content you have is of the highest quality, then decide how to best present that content to your user base.

Prior to any marketing effort you should be sure that the content you have is of the highest quality

Sit down with your product or service and evaluate what is compelling about it from the perspective of your consumer, and identify what expectations a consumer might have about your product. If you’re going to market a product on the internet, take a second to visualize just what the internet can do.  The internet at it’s core is comprised of text and images. If you want to create an amazing website to display information about your product, then you need to start with amazing images and stellar text.  That is the core of your message, and without it you cannot make a website.  Knowing this you should write that stellar text and shoot those amazing images.  Sounds easy right?  Perhaps for some, but for many creating quality content is a challenging task.

Hire a content producer if you need to.

Let’s face it, creating high quality content is hard work. Where necessary, consider hiring a copywriter and/or photographer to ensure that content is top-notch in quality and plentiful in quantity. Content is, and always has been, king on the internet.  Being found by search engines is not a game to be played or something that happens automatically.  Generally, the site with the highest quality unique content is going to appear higher in search results than a similar site with lower quality content.  Don’t leave your content strategy to chance.  Identify what your users are seeking, and create the content they’re looking for.

Keep content fresh and relevant.

Posting fresh content on a regular schedule is very important as well.  Studies have shown that actively maintained websites with fresh content tend to do better in search results.  There is more information for users to consume, thereby keeping them on your site longer.  With increased content you have an increased chance for your pages to appear as relevant search results for users as well, resulting in increased overall traffic.

The best practice for content strategy is to make your website content useful, relevant, engaging, and unique.  If your content isn’t good, your users won’t spend time on your website consuming it. Let’s do everything we can to avoid that.